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Getting Offline Navigation Directions

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We are in an era where GPS devices are going the way of the dodo for a very good reason. Your smartphone or tablet might be able to serve as a GPS device helping you with navigation – which works even if there is no data on. All that is needed is mounting the smartphone or tablet in your car and you have your GPS navigation solution. However, this might not be legal everywhere, so ensure to find out before doing so.

Turn-by-turn offline navigation

Now, you are paying heavily for mobile data and you need to save it for other useful purposes yet you need your device to function as a GPS navigation solution. Well, this is very possible.

There are dedicated GPS devices that you can use such as a GPS receiver and an offline map database which is able to display locations, provide you with directions and lets you search for locations. In a modern smartphone or tablet, there is a GPS chip which can help in determining its present location offline – all that is needed is an app software providing offline map data and directions for navigation.

Google map lets you download map data which you can view offline. All you have to do is zoom to the area you need in Google maps and type “OK maps” into your search box. Then go ahead and open Google maps to see your current location on the map – the map works fine even if you are not online. Unfortunately, you can’t get navigation directions offline from Google Maps which means you need to get them before you leave Wi-Fi and keep using cached navigation directions for you to reach your destination.

On the other hand, if you need offline GPS navigation app for Android system, you can install software like Navifree or OpenStreetMap(OSM) and which are free. But if you need something more polished and full-featured, then you might want to purchase the Navi Map software. Of course, it costs money but cheaper than purchasing a dedicated GPS device and needing to pay for map updates frequently.

NaviMap Software

This is an offline app which requires no internet data connection and therefore you don’t have to worry about roaming costs, and it gives your device a longer battery life. The beautiful thing about the NaviMap software is that it displays 3D terrains and City models and 3D buildings. With realistic 3D representation, you are bound to have a wonderful navigation experience.

Its advanced routing feature gives the fast supporting alternative routes and pedestrian navigation to help you get to your destination within the required time. You also get to know where there is traffic with the live traffic feature which helps you reroute your trip automatically. You can also use this to view real-time traffic. It also has Car Connectivity feature which lets you connect NaviMaps to your in-car infotainment systems.

With Single Line Predictive search feature, you can enter a street name, town, PIN code, etc., and the search engine of Navi map will first suggest places before you type the complete name. You also get to share places and journeys with your family and friends using the in-app text messaging, WhatsApp, Facebook and emails updates with the drive and share feature.

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