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A Look at the BMW 740e

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The quest to build cars which are eco-friendly, economical to operate, and which appeal to upscale drivers has been somewhat of a challenge.  Car buyers have proven to be somewhat slow to embrace hybrids due to falling petrol prices and a bit of misinformation as to the performance of hybrids.  Changing government regulations, especially in America, may also slow the development of hybrids.

BMW, however, does not appear to be backing away from their attempt to develop an upscale sedan for the environmentally-focused, eco-friendly car owners with the introduction of the 2017 BMW 740e.

The 740e is a full sedan loaded with the features desired by upscale car owners which also addresses some of the concerns and stereotypes common to plug-in hybrids.

The 740e is constructed of premium carbon features and is powered by a 2.0-litre petrol engine along with a lithium ion battery powered electric motor.  The vehicle can be charged by plugging it into a 240-volt outlet.

The petrol engine produces a mere 255 horsepower. However the electric motor adds another 111 horsepower which produces the power needed to go from 0 to 60 in a mere 5.2 seconds. The terminal velocity is 155 mph. Clearly a very rapid vehicle which offers both luxury and sporting benefits. It could be time to sell your Porsche and switch to another premium German car.

For short drives and quick errands the 740e can be used in electric mode only with a range of about 28 miles.

BMW addresses the negative impressions about battery-life and costs by covering the battery with an 8-year, 80,000-mile warranty.

The 740E is loaded with high-tech features.

  • The Brake Energy Regeneration system extends the life of the braking system.
  • In different modes the car has Driving Dynamics control which ensures supreme agility at all speeds, balanced reactions to load changes and remarkably precise steering.
  • The car functions with an 8-speed Steptronic automatic transmission with Sport and Manual shift modes.
  • The infotainment system features Gesture Control which allows passenger to direct the system with simple hand gestures.
  • Active Cruise Control features a number of autonomous features in addition to maintain a specific speed. It maintains a specific distance from other vehicles and radar sensors scan the road ahead.
  • The interior features a very nice wood and leather design and the rear seats are roomy and comfortable.
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